We were asked to assist in creating a new interior design scheme for this Victorian Cottage, with complementing pallettes for the Sitting Room and the Kitchen. 

Our designs included a set of new furniture, with emphasis on comfort for daily use; a delicate combination of textures and patterns that created interest and provided a harmonious backdrop for the client's cherished antiques and pictures. We also introduced a classic and elegant selection of new finishes and furnishings that was in keeping with the cottage's character. Lighting was discussed and implemented to create a soft and inviting ambience.

A handsome pair of light wool double-sided curtains were installed in the Conservatory creating a visual divide between the two areas, without compromising on the quality of daylight. The importance of evening privacy was also achieved.

New wool carpet in an easy neutral colour was laid throughout.

Finally, a delightfully patterned fabric was used for the Kitchen in curtains and blinds to brighten the painted walls, which were lined with banks of oak cabinets. For consistency, the same fabric was also used in the kitchen chairs.

Accessories such as appliqued and silk cushions, cache pots, and unique and bespoke lampbases were added to finish the scheme.




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